Inventors of Trilite Aluminium Trussing Fabrication


Creation of Trilite - About Us


Trilite Aluminium Trussing was created in the UK in 1982 to support the rapid growth of [OPTI] Kinetics. The Trilite TUV certified trussing systems were designed as a strong, lightweight and portable system to promote [OPTI] Kinetics lighting products.

Trilite as a brand name is one of the most trusted and versatile ranges of aluminium truss systems in the world, therefore, Trilite soon attracted international attention and as a result, an additional factory was built in Canada to help meet the growing demand for aluminium trussing. As a market leader in custom fabrication, Trilite operates in various markets and continues to have unrivalled lead times in Europe and North America.

Created in the UK in 1982 by two best friends, our British company was created to bring the best truss support system, and first of its kind, to potential buyers.

The two experts in engineering established Trilite providing a simple support solution that complies with safety standards, for those that need strong, stable, lightweight supports that are movable and can easily be used across different fields; from sound engineering, exhibitions, education and events, retail, artwork, movie work, and much, much, more.

With its Trilite aluminium trussing and certified system, the brand soon attracted international interest, and Trilite needed to expand its family tree to meet with growing demand.

As such, our friendly team of professionals needed to make more products and welcomed our friends in Canada to join the company.

As part of the [OPTI] Group, Trilite maintains its strong links with Adelphi, Howe Engineering, [OPTI] Kinetics and Kelsey Acoustics.

Versatile in Form, Flexible in Function

As well as being based in Britain and Canada, The Trilite family are a market leader in custom fabrication and have sold across continents, including, North America and Europe, providing our high-quality products to a variety of places.

At Trilite we provide a quick yet high standard of service and have our own specialist design team who will work with you to customise the supports to suit your needs.

We have also worked with famous brands and provided high-quality products to organisations including NASA, Manchester United, Pizza Hut, and the BBC.

trilite logo garden - About Us

Why are structures made from aluminium?

We use aluminium to create our safe and sturdy supports because:

  • It’s strong and lightweight making it a magnificent metal to use
  • It’s cost-effective and requires less material than structures made from other metals and materials
  • It can be shaped to create outstanding structures
  • It is safer as it’s more resistant to corrosion
  • Aluminium is sustainable, and recyclable, giving it the ‘green’ go-ahead