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Creation of Trilite - About UsInventors of Trilite, Aluminum Fabrication

Trilite by [Opti] was created in the UK in 1980 to support the rapid growth of [Opti] Kinetics. Trilite was designed as a strong, lightweight and portable system to promote [OPTI] Kinetics lighting products.

The Trilite TUV certified trussing systems soon attracted international attention and an additional factory was built in Canada to help meet the growing demand for aluminum trussing. As a market leader in custom fabrication, Trilite by [Opti] operates in various markets and continues to have unrivaled lead times in Europe and North America.

Versatile in Form, Flexible in Function

In addition to unique structural truss systems, Trilite by [Opti] uses Trilite to manufacture aluminum lecterns and work stations suitable for DJS, sound engineers and entertainment professionals. Trilite by [Opti] is renowned for its custom fabrication and has its own design service to assist customers in creating imaginative structures. Recent inventive projects include structures for the BBC, NASA, Pizza Hut and Manchester United.


Why are structures made from aluminum?

Trilite by [Opti] choose to make structures from aluminum for a number of reasons.

Firstly after a structure has been created additional treatments are not required; aluminum has an excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and is a ‘green’ product. Secondly it is cost effective as aluminum uses less material than other material structures; for example, aluminum uses 3 times less material than a steel structure. Thirdly, aluminum can be shaped into wonderful structures to create exceptional aesthetic results.