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Bespoke ‘Banana Conveyor’


The Eden Project in Cornwall with its bio domes and beautiful gardens had a brilliant idea for a fun exhibit to be placed in their rainforest section.  The Eden Project wanted a ‘Banana Conveyor’ to hang their bananas high in the trees. The bananas could then be easily be spotted by visitors.


As Trilite’s bespoke design team can create challenging structures to the customer’s specification, The Eden Project chose us to create their unique structure.  The ‘Banana Conveyor’ shows our ability to apply our products across a unique range of settings and uses. It can even show how we can incorporate our products with elements in nature.


The ‘Banana Conveyor’ provides an example of how we can adapt our products to suit your needs. Trilite Truss demonstrates how it used for functional structures to suspend a range of materials.  If you’re not bananas about hanging fruit, Trilite Truss can be used alongside other materials. It can suspend other products including, decorative materials, lighting, signs, marketing material and advertising, or anything else you want.


Needless to say, we delivered to The Eden’s Project’s exact specifications. The Eden Project were extremely impressed with the final design in line with their brief, the way in which we enabled them to easily install the visitor attraction, and also with our speedy response. You can see the ‘Banana Conveyor’ in operation, as pictured above.

Photo Credit Alex Thompson