Dino jaws general exhibition frominternet - Dino Jaws Expo

Dino Jaws Expo – Memorable museum’s

Our wide range of products are great for creating memorable and interesting museum installations. Not only are they strong and sturdy, we can use many shapes and create different designs they will also stand out.


The Natural History Museum, located in London, is famous for attracting visitors and tourist’s worldwide. Their Dino Jaws Exhibition uses animatronics to create moving dinosaurs. A well trusted company was to provide a secure structure to display historical information and articles.


As no task is too mammoth for our team we were happy to oblige. Trilite Triangular Truss was installed to create all the backdrops, helping to bring this educational exhibition together.


The instillation allowed the museum to display the information in a way that was clear and concise. It also proved a roaring success, enabling history buffs to read about their favourite dinosaurs and sink their teeth into some terrifying facts.