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Corporate Shows & Weddings – Celebrate in style


Our control stations are the perfect place to put your DJ decks or set up your sound system. They’re frequently used throughout corporate shows, events, and celebrations such as weddings.  The back-lights and up-lights on the units add interest, bring colour to any room, and are a definite crowd pleaser.


The stylish products make a great addition to any event, and this is why Global Hire choose our control stations for their party planning and event management service.


The control station can be used in conferences, functions, fashion shows, nightclubs, roadshows, and discos.  If you want to get your groove on and display your sound equipment in something eye-catching or plug in your laptop to deliver a corporate presentation the control station is the right product for you.


You can see the CS150 Control Station, as pictured above. In this picture extra fairy lights have been added across the Truss for extra ambience.