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OPTI Trilite 100 Series

A sleek lightweight solution

OPTI Trilite 100 Series provides you with a sleek streamlined series of lightweight trussing products in a range of styles to suit your needs.

Our high quality truss includes the Ladder Truss, which has two tubes, the Triangular Truss with three tubes and the Quad Truss, which has four tubes.

The truss systems in the OPTI Trilite 100 Series are made from a 1 inch diameter (2mm wall) aluminium tube providing a quality construction with fantastic framework.The standard trussing comes in 9 straight lengths from 0.2m to 5.0m and we also produce curved trussing – R1.0 m and above.

If you need a custom structure, our talented design team will specially customize your design for free.

With split spigot connectors, this makes it very to assemble and has great load bearing capacity.

Providing the ultimate sleek streamlined solution, our wide range of accessories can also be added to the OPTI Trilite 100 series.

This makes it a popular choice with designers for decorative displays, smaller exhibitions and retail displays.

If you need assistance our own specialist friendly design and online team are happy to help and work with you to customise the supports to suit your needs.

You can build your vision with our support.