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Opti Trilite 18+ Series

OPTI Trilite 18+ Series is an extremely strong and excellent range for load-bearing truss system. This series of truss is usually used for large temporary and permanent structures where high strength, versatility, and aesthetics are required.

OPTI Trilite 18+ Series is a strong versatile 2-inch aluminium main tube imperial truss system with tough 1-inch tube spars at an 18-inch pitch. OPTI Trilite 18+ is produced in three formats Ladder (2 main tubes), Triangular (3 main tubes) and Quad (4 main tubes).

OPTI Trilite 18+ Series has a well proven simple M10 Nylock high tensile nut and bolt connection system that is quick and easy to assemble and has a fantastic length to weight and load bearing qualities. OPTI Trilite 18+ has ten standard Straight Lengths from 4’ 6” (1.37m) to 18’0” (5.49m) in increments of 18 inches an has an extensive range of accessories.