OPTI Trilite 18+ Connectors & Supports

OPTI Trilite 18+ Connectors and Supports include:

– The OPTI Trilite Spigot connecting system for strong, easy to fit joins between each length of OPTI Trilite 2 inch Tube.
– OPTI Trilite 18+ Series Swivel Connectors are welded into the ends of OPTI Trilite 18+ 2 inch Tubes to make strong, temporary junctions or supports, at adjustable angles and are secured around the joining tube with a nut and bolt.

OPTI Trilite 18+ Series Swivel Connectors are not sold as an individual accessory (so they do not have a product code) and are most commonly use on Outriggers, Corner Braces, Hook on Modules, Hook on Attachments and End Pod Units with Connectors (featured in the Bases and Ends section).

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