Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss

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Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss


Product Description

Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss

The Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss, like the Ladder and Quad Trussing in this series, also provides a super sleek lightweight solution.

However, with a system of three 1 inch aluminium tubes, this triangular structure holds much more weight compared to the Ladder Truss in the Trilite 100 Series.

As other products in the series, the Triangular Truss is a slim-line structure perfect for framing signs, graphic designs, projection panels and retail spaces.

With its additional weight bearing capacity it is also excellent for exhibition stands, makes ideal shelving, provides fabulous fixtures and fittings for retail and has previously been used to create eye catching displays for clothing stores and estate agents.

This slim triangular solution can hold up to 259kg UDL on a 5m length of truss, and can also be used creatively by adding junctions to create the shape you require.

Our wide range of accessories can also be added for different functions.

If you need assistance our friendly design and online team are happy to help, so you can build your vision with our support.

100 accessories 300x296 - Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss100 junctions 300x293 - Trilite 100 Series Triangular Truss

Additional information

Additional Information

Weight kg

200mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Standard lengths range from 0.2m to 5.0m.
Non-standard lengths can be produced and are priced to the next full metre in length.
Any special length less than 1m is priced as 1m.
All straight and curved lengths are supplied with spigots.

Not recommended for loading.