OPTI Trilite 200 Series Curved Truss

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OPTI Trilite 200 Series Curved Truss


Product Description

Our ability to produce OPTI Trilite 200 series curves truss to any radius above 0.8m gives the designer the widest possible freedom when specifying arcs and circles.

Fantastic shapes can be made from gentle curves to complex curved shapes or balls of aluminium.  OPTI Trilite 200 is produced in sections of approximately 2.0m length (outside circumference).

Curved sections of OPTI Trilite 200 can be integrated into structures, built into domes or customised to suit particular requirements.

If you need assistance our friendly design and online team are happy to help. You can build your vision with our support.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Main Tube: 2”Ø (50.8mmØ) x 16 s.w.g. wall (1.6mm)
Lacing Spars: 1/2”Ø (12.7mmØ) x 16 s.w.g. wall (1.6mm)
Material: 6005 – T6 Aluminium