OPTI Trilite 200 Series V-Truss

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OPTI Trilite 200 Series V-Truss


Product Description

The OPTI Trilite 200 V-Truss is a design registered, stackable trussing system. It is perfect for all types of temporary or permanent (inside or outside) structures that need to be transported from place to place – inside or out. Ideal for travelling exhibitions, festivals, motor sports, sporting events and promotions.

Additional information

Additional Information

Weight kg

200mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 5000mm, 6000mm, 7000mm, 8000mm

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Standard lengths range from 0.2m to 5.0m. Non-standard lengths can be produced and are priced to the next full metre in length.  Any special length less than 1m is priced as 1m. 
All straight and curved lengths are supplied with spigots.

OPTI Trilite 100 V-Truss was designed as a lightweight, stackable non-loadbearing display system so full loading tests have not been carried out.
Tests on a 3 metre length showed that OPTI Trilite V-100 Truss had 75% of the load bearing strength of OPTI Trilite 200 at the same length.
Where extra strength or rigidity is required, end spars can be fitted which still allows stacking of up to 4 lengths of OPTI Trilite 200 V-Truss.