calvert car extension - Calvert Studios

Trilite for lights, camera and action.


At Trilite we create products for a wide range of applications and provide quick solutions to our customers. We are a frequent choice for professionals in the TV, film, and media industry. It is used across entertainment establishments, including Cineworld.


Calvert Studios chose us to provide them with a Camera Support for use in an advertising commercial. A product was needed that could be attached to a car and allow a camera to be added, for filming at speed.  We custom built the boom arm, pictured above, using the Quad Truss. The boom is built to clip on to the car during filming and attach a camera, allowing them to successfully finish filming their ad.


With our innovative team and ability to custom build, regardless whether you’re shooting in a studio and require green screens, light rigging, or a structure for your set, or if you are shooting outdoors and need to capture fast moving stunts, we can provide a Truss to suit your needs.


For films that need something unique our design team will happily work with you. They will ensure the product is suitable and to help you capture the right moments in your movie. We are set to deliver your product quicker than any other company.