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Fit for purpose

Our sleek and modern products are ideal for use in retail environments. Providing a visual solution for businesses and stores that enable you to achieve perfect product placement.

As we use high quality aluminium in our Trilite Truss, our structures are light yet also strong and durable. They can be used to build sturdy structures, store displays, or shelving for your business. Our streamlined connection systems are quick and easy to set up, do not need end plates, and are cost effective.

At Trilite we can create temporary structures, which are great for roadshows to take your business on tour. We can also provide fixed structures for internal or external use.  Marketing material and graphics can be added inside our frames, and we can create art pieces and logos out of our Truss. This is ideal for advertising and use in marketing campaigns to create extra custom.

We offer a wide range of other retail solutions. We can help show your products in the best possible light as we supply rigging for lighting, and can add fixtures that allow advertising and lighting to suspend from above.  Our team of experts can also create other fixtures and fittings that are right for retail, such as cash desks and counters. You can provide your employees with the space they need whilst serving your customers in style.

Our Truss can be created in a different range of shapes and sizes. Whether you want a traditional look for your store with added shelving or you want something different that makes your brand stand out with added marketing, we can create it for you.  This enables you to select the right style for your store using Trilite, as well as the right function.

With our free design service and our experience working with businesses, both big and small, we can ensure your retail display and fittings will build and enhance the image of your brand.

Our bespoke design service has a friendly team of experts at hand to work with you to design and deliver what you need to your specific requirements, and if you are stuck for ideas can make suggestions to how you can create visually stunning pieces that work for your store. Here at Trilite our team takes pride in pleasing our customers so that you serve yours, and as well as the standard fixtures and fittings we create and deliver unique and special designs that wow customers, help to increase sales and set you apart from the competition.

We appreciate that in any industry safety is key, and as well as increasing your profit. A main priority of your business will be health and safety compliance to ensure your customers, staff, and ultimately your business remains safe and avoids litigation.  Here at Trilite, like you, we also take safety seriously, and all our products are TUV certified to industry standards. You can be rest assured, that as well as products that look great, you are also choosing high quality products with a company that helps you to maintain safety standards.

We also understand that turnaround and product delivery need to be quick, especially when you need a fast retail solution, have a store to open, or need extra display space.  As a market leader with unrivalled lead times across North America and Europe, we can guarantee your products will be delivered within the best possible time, so that you can continue to deliver more to your customers whilst expanding your brand.

We are experienced in working with a range of businesses and due to our reputation for delivering high quality products with a quick turnaround our portfolio includes various well known and international brands. Some of our previous work includes delivering to Pandora, Homebase, and Autoglass, and you can see some examples of the bespoke retail solutions we have provided below.

To discuss how we can create the right retail solution for you Contact Us on today on 01480 453663 or talk to one of our friendly team via live chat.