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Architectural Instillation


Trilite Trussing is perfect for architectural installations. We are regularly informed that we are the preferred choice for installation products.

We offer a wide range of high quality products and create stand out designs using aluminium. This makes our structures strong, lightweight, and durable.

As well as a wide range of other applications, our products are extensively used in educational settings and within museums. The installations require minimum maintenance, making our Trussing an excellent choice. Due to their durability and style, our installations have been used by internationally renowned museums.

We can create high quality frames for exhibits and collections, superb structures for art display, high quality panel pieces, information stands, or anything else you require.

Our installations have also been used to suspend green screens and video screens for museums and education centres that want to bring a digital and modern element to learning.

Our specialist design service is experienced in delivering safe and sturdy structures in a variety of shapes and sizes, to complete your project. Having the design team at hand to work with you enables us to support you every step of the way and create unique architecture that’s custom built to your specification, whatever your need.

With our range of added accessories, we can also add shelving to your Truss, add extra height, or suspend objects from your structure such as lighting, so that you can give your exhibit extra effects.  Whatever accessories you decide to add or style you choose, our installation pieces are sure to please and will help you display visuals that inspire your visitors.

As our products are perfect to display art, install in museums, and to use as architecture, as you can imagine we have plenty of satisfied customers. Our recent projects include the Natural History Museum’s Dino Jaws Exhibition. The completion of a series of successful installations for Hampshire Museum Services, and the creation of a virtual experience for Plymouth University.

Let us build your vision with our support by calling us on 01480 453663 to discuss your project and take advantage of our free design service.