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Making Amusement

Our strong, lightweight products at Trilite are perfect for simulation and amusement structures.

Structures are custom built to your requirements with our imaginative design team.  We can help you with your project from start to finish with our free design service.

We use our expert engineering to create unique complex structures which enables clients to complete projects using our high quality projects

Our collaborations include working with Alton Towers amusement park on the ‘Great Glass Elevator’ for their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, working with NASA to support astronaut’s training in space exploration, and work on simulators for military training, flight simulators, and game simulation for arcades.

We are thrilled to help you create a wide range of amusement, simulation, and virtual reality products to keep the crowds pleased and coming back for more.

To discuss your requirements, Contact Us on 01480 453663 or talk to our friendly team via Live Chat.