Orchard Bandshell - Fabric architecture

Fabulous for adding value


Trilite by OPTI’s products are so versatile that they are often used by other companies. It is added to products as enhancements which provide a range of extra functions that their customers require.


We work with many companies and brands to incorporate Truss solutions within their products. Fabric Architecture is only one example of a company that frequently uses Trilite products. They add to their tensile fabric structures to provide quality solutions to their customers.  Our Truss provides a popular way for them to incorporate rigging and allow for the suspension of lights.


The light rigging in the structure is created using a section of Triangular Truss. It demonstrated that Truss can be used to suspend fixtures from above and how it can add value to other company products whilst providing unique solutions at the same time.


If a light rigging solution isn’t what you need you can talk to our friendly design team. The team explain can the different ways in which Trilite can work to enhance your products and keep your customers satisfied.