final electric 1 - HVFX
truss ring electric - HVFX

Safe Constructions


With our impeccable reputation for safety and the design team, we were approached by HVFX to construct a cage, which could house a Telsa coil.  The cage was created in order to exhibit the electric coil within the Principe Felipe Science Museum in Valencia, Spain. At the time it ensured public safety by keeping museum visitors at a suitable distance.


The bright sparks in our design team created this stylish structure using Trilite’s Triangular Truss. Circular and curved components are used to provide a strong and stable ‘cage’ construction. Using our TUV certified Truss systems we added protective paneling around the cage to keep the high voltage coil contained and prevent the occurrence of lethal shocks to the public.


The innovative cage can be used for electrical exhibits and can be adapted for other events and uses, such as, theatre production and staging, music concerts, cage dancing and go-go dancing, mixed martial art events (MMA) and cage fighting, as well as unique art instillations.