jordancans permissionpending - Jordan Design

‘Can’ do attitude


At Trilite we are happy to work with other designers. In 2006 we were commissioned to work with Jordan Design to help build these giant sized ‘Cans’ for Ken Livinstone’s Recycling Project.


The ‘Cans’, which recreate the shape of famous brand products were built to use Trilite Single Tube framework. With our strong aluminium tubing they really stand out to get the campaign message across.


As our products are made from aluminium they are not only strong but also good for the environment because they are sustainable and recyclable.  This made us a perfect choice for the project as we share the same values in regards to recycling and care about using sustainable products in order to preserve the world we live in.


The ‘Cans’ are a perfect example of how our Truss can be incorporated using other people’s designs and artwork to build structure in a range of shapes and sizes. It also shows what you ‘can do’ with Trilite no matter how big or imaginative your project.