Advertising opportunities


At Trilite we are innovative as well as creative. The team are able to think of new ways to use our Truss that can provide unique marketing and advertising opportunities.


We can help advertise your brand, attract attention, stand out, and get your message across. Why not spell out it in words with a Truss rather than advertising like everyone else? At Trilite we can help you do just that as our Truss can be used to create an imaginative range of letters, words, shapes and logo’s, which can be prominently displayed to attract attention to your business.


As a company that is true to our word and proud of our products we used our Truss to advertise Trilite by using sections of Ladder Truss.  To add more structure to our beautiful garden and advertise our services we placed the logo made from our Truss outside our Canadian office where it stands amongst the flowers for all to see.


trilite logo garden - Signs