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Plymouth University – Building with vision


Visual aids enhance learning environments. They assist learners with different learning styles and reinforce learning by making the educational experience more memorable. Adding a visual element to teaching helps promote effective learning, which in turn will assist your educational organisation achieve results. By helping your establishment achieve success it can help evidence your institution’s high standards. Which is good for both your students and organisation.


Our structures can be used to help you implement new ways of learning. Use quality of teaching methods alongside traditional learning because we can help build technology that allows students to interact. Use of new technology tends to attract media attention and students, and could be a key factor in whether learners decide to study with you.


Our Truss helps education providers to use cutting edge and pioneering techniques.  And the ability of Trilite to make an enhanced learning experience into a reality was one of the reasons that Plymouth University chose to work with us.  The University wanted to install a 360-degree theatre in their institution to create a virtual experience for their students.  As such, we created a frame using the Triangular Truss the University could suspend a circular screen.  By providing a flexible solution that enabled suspension the screen could easily be collapsed and allow for extra space when not in use.  In reality Plymouth University were pleased with their instillation that provided them with an immersive visual experience using our support.


If you would also like to create top class products with distinction then give our friendly design team a call today.