2 - X-Pole

X-Pole – Pole Position


Pole dancing experts X-Pole required a freestanding structure for their dance studio, which would keep a dozen poles in place.  X Pole also wanted a combination of poles for their dance instructors. Long poles to achieve height, as well as shorter poles for lower moves.  Additionally, their studio was based in a listed building so they needed a structural solution that wouldn’t change the walls and was strong enough to stay in place whilst dancers were swinging on the poles.


In order to meet the brief, our brilliant design team created a structure with support around the top, enabling threaded pieces of Truss with an adjustable foot to be attached, and pieces of Triangular Truss to be added at the sides.  This solution fastened the structure, allowing it to stand freely without being fixed to the walls.


Our considered creative thinking on the project ensured we delivered a finished product to the delight of the dancers, whilst maintaining our pole position as market leaders.