Experience Design DSC 0283 - Coast Exhibitions - World of Boats


Coast Exhibitions – Special experience


At Trilite we create unique solutions in line with your requirements that make experiences special. Working with Experience Design our Truss was used as the main structural component in a series of exhibitions.  Some exhibitions included the BBC’s Doctor Who exhibit, the Robin Hood exhibit, Coast Exhibitions, and World of Boats exhibit in Cardiff.  The structure in this exhibit provides a walk-through space with a colourful back drop. It allows for boating equipment to be suspended to create a special marina effect.  The flexibility of our products at Trilite not only enhanced the exhibition but also enabled endless combinations of structure to be created. This is so that the exhibitions could tour in over 20 different UK venues.  This makes us an ideal choice for exhibitions that need to move location. It is also great for those that require an adaptable product to fit in different sized exhibition space.